I’ve Seen!


I’ve seen a lot in the time I have lived upon this planet. I’ve seen men who claim to be Christ come to stake their claim to my salvation and their fame. Most of times they are sloughed off like so much dandruff, but sometimes they are taken seriously enough to cause real problems. It seems the world wants to hope for something so bad they latch onto the first thing that looks and sounds like the real McCoy; to bad they don’t pay any attention to the truth.
I’ve seen wars of every color in the last sixty years. It seems there is no end to reasons men will kill one another. Even familiar neighborhoods are hardly safe any longer from gangs and random acts of violence. The main excuse for wholesale slaughter is still religion and probably always will be. In the name of peoples version of God, murder and war in his name is justified in mans eyes.
I’ve seen where wars have become the root problems to disease, famine, and mass exodus. It’s become the reason crops can’t be planted or harvested; why fertile ground goes untilled for countless years.
I’ve seen, in the name of Democracy nations are rising up in revolt across the spectrum of the world, usurping one regime after another. They are replacing one master for another and in turn are setting the stage unwittingly it seems, for global governance.
I’ve lived to see God’s truth preached around the world instantly via internet and web-cam. Anyone with an internet connection can hear Christ gospel expounded and taught live each Sabbath and anytime they wish to download the files.
What I haven’t seen is the return of Christ but that event will only take place after much more of the same mentioned above. It will only happen when Christ is ready not when man wants it to happen. In the meantime, we bound to this earth and among all that is happening; it’s our duty in these times of danger to watch in the approaching days ahead, to give witness and warnings to those that will hear the word of the true and living Christ.


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