The Gathering Storm


I heard on the television the other day the statement “If Israel attacks Iran, there will ensue a world war” this is probably a true statement. But, what if Israel doesn’t attack Iran’s’ nuclear facilities? And, what would Iran do if they acquire an atomic weapon in the form of a long-range missal capable of wiping out Tel Aviv? Would Iran do nothing or would they try (as they have promised) destroying Israel as a country and people.
The gathering storm of sorts is on the horizon. China and Russia have stated strong opposition to Israel or any other country attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. In the meantime, the US, Britain, Canada, and other counties recognize the ever-growing threat a nuclear Iran posses to the world and sees very little recourse but action unless diplomacy can succeed. In fact, there has been a quiet build up of US forces in Israel and in the Mediterranean Sea over the last few months, adding to the growing belief we are on the verge of action against Iran.
The nail in the coffin so to speak, the news reported Madonna fans sent a letter to the Israeli government, asking they would postpone any attacks on Iran until after her tour in Israel in May. Certainly, the Israeli government must get their priorities in the right order, what’s this world coming too, when we put national security before a Madonna concert?
Our president has stated that he believes we can solve this issue with diplomacy but I think even he has doubts about talking Iran into a peaceable solution at this point. Diplomacy has an affect if the one’s setting the terms has the power and willingness to ensure any bargain reached is kept; otherwise, diplomacy is useless. Iran knows we have a weak President who is more interested in destroying the US citizen’s rights than addressing the threats Iran posses to the rest of the world.
The problem the world has; once the storm hits, it’s too late to do anything but react. The days are growing shorter and every day that goes by brings us closer to the return of Christ. Before Christ return, the world will be turned upside down and nearly obliterated by the demonic forces of this world. Israel attacking Iran could be the beginning of such times, are you ready?


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