Garden of God


We started a garden yesterday, first time in about fifteen years I have planted one. “What inspired me to plant a garden”, you may ask. It’s an enjoyable activity for one and I get plenty of exercise for another reason and with the prices in the stores today, it’s a lot cheaper to plant seeds. Not only have I planted seeds but seeds that will reproduce themselves. I just want to be sure if time get worst, I might be able to eat veggies.

I think the main reason just might be the level of unassuredness in today’s world. It’s getting scary out there and seems to be on a downhill slide at breakneck speed. We have wars going on that don’t even make the news and the ones that do have immeasurable consequences tied to their outcomes.

We can’t control the external forces that threaten our daily lives; they are part of the ebb and flow of this physical world. We do have limited control our private spaces and homes; these are the areas where we find security and comfort. Even though most homes in metropolitan areas and have a semblance of security; either by space or restrictions a garden is something that isn’t practical.

The economy has a chokehold on the nations poor and no relief is in the near future is in sight. Gas is said to be going back to $4.00 per gallon that means everything will take another leap in prices. It’s time to become more self-sufficient, and not be dependent upon the local grocer for all of our needs.

It’s planting season for everyone, not just those that have gardens. It’s time to plant veggies and fruit for all the reasons above but it’s time to plant the spiritual fruit as well.

Seeds don’t grow unless they are planted in good soil and get the nurturing they need to survive. God’s word is the same; it’s planted, watered, and cultivated to bring forth the type of fruit desirable to God.

We started a garden yesterday; it brought satisfaction and a little comfort to us. Tonight Frank and I will be watering another garden we started two years ago, we hope you can join us and participate in the middle of the garden of God.


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