Cloudy Days


Has spring sprung or is winter laying in ambush, this is a question we would all like an answer to. Weather is unpredictable at best, even with today’s technology, satellite imaging, and decades of tried and true methods, the weather still manages to best the brightest in weather prognostications.
Weather is like human nature in some ways, you think you have someone figured out and they go and do something totally unexpected. There is no way of seeing into the mind of a person and determine their real inner self, only God can see the real person. Tried and true methods of determining what kind of person another human being is, once again it’s like weather. You have to experience them just a little to see if you want to get any closer.
It’s a shame we can’t see a five day forecast listed on each person we meet; then, you would know who to avoid and who you might enjoy being around. Those with heavy thunderstorms showing might be on the verge of self-destruction; we sure want to give plenty of personal space to them. Those with moderate showers may need a shoulder or two to cry on and a willing ear to listen.
The sunny and bright and warm days ahead are the ones we all feel good about being around and want to share time with. We tend to plan all our memorable moments around that type of forecast, both human and weather related a like.
In our lives just as in nature, we need the rain and we need the sunny days, the trick is to balance the time we spend in both. There are plenty of variations in between, we are not always sunny and bright, nor are we always gloomy and dull, most times we are just sunny but partly cloudy, with a slight chance of rain.
Depend on God, the rain is needed as well as the sun, enjoy the days you have in both. Use prayer as a forecast, and you will never go wrong.


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