I’ve recently moved back to the country and we are in the process of cleaning a five-acre track my wife and I have owned for twenty-five years. The process is slow due to the incredible amount of growth in vegetation that has occurred unabated over the years.
The most amazing plant growing on this world is one singular plant or should I say vine.
I’m in a daily battle with thorny briars that reach as high as a tree grows and the width bound only by its natural surroundings and so thick they block the sunlight. The thorns are like tiny claws grabbing every nook and crease of your clothing and skin; once it grabs hold there is an ensuing battle to tear them loose. Both skin and clothing become casualties of the constant war with this plant. It’s merciless in its choice of victims and its choice of age; the vines are not discriminatory in the least, catching and holding is its primary and sole function.
It occurred to me satan and the demonic world have much the same purpose. The thorns are substituted by sin but that is about the only difference. Sin left unchallenged will consume your life; it will grab hold of you and refuse to relent. It will grow in every nook and cranny chocking out every other remnants of surrounding life. It will affect you and those you love and care about. Sin is like the vine reaching out with its tentacles and grabbing hold of everyone you come in contact with.
The only cure for both land and man is total eradication; a clearing of the land and a new life lead by Christ. These efforts must be continues presence within our lives to keep the briars and satan away. The clearing of land brings new life to the trees and plants that are there to shade and support the surrounding eco system. With the briars gone, they can finally do their jobs in their part of the world.
With satan out of our lives, we also can do the work Christ has set aside of us.


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