Greetings: I’ve been reminded latley there are certain paths we as Gods’ people must always be on constant vigel. The definition of a path “a track that has been worn by continual passage of feet”, it’s not always wandering off a path that can cause eminse trouble, even though wandering off the path will cause… Read More Paths


Greetings: Now, the EPA wants to put into place new regulations on coal-powered plants in the US. When gas and oil is sky high our government geniuses think it’s a great idea shutting down the coal industry in the United States; I’ve got one question to these 70’s leftover hippies, how do you think we… Read More Timing


Greetings: Hope everyone is having a blessed week and a wonderful Sabbath. I usually talk about what is on my mind and having a direct affect on my life at the moment. The one thing that has me the angriest at this day and age is the ever-increasing gas prices. I hear our current president… Read More Gas

Basic Rights

Greetings: Has there ever been a time when there was so much riding upon the results of a Presidential election? It becomes increasingly more amazing each day seeing what this administration is able to accomplish in the way of destroying the basic rights of the people. What’s even more amazing; there are still a large… Read More Basic Rights

Time to Save

Here it is already time to move the clock forward once more and I just adjusted to the current time, oh-well, what can we do? It seems this was the brainstorm of Ben Franklin in 1784, then, proposed again by a fellow by the name of George Van Hudson in 1895, but wasn’t put into… Read More Time to Save