For No Other Reason


Just this week I heard on the radio one of the most disturbing reports I believe I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. It seems there are two renowned physicians in England who are not only doctors but are teachers of medicine as well. They have published an article advocating afterlife abortion. If you have never heard of afterlife abortion, you’re not alone, neither had I until this report surfaced and I became aware of it via the radio.
It is the women’s or parents’ right to choose (after the baby is born) whether they wish to keep the baby or not. Deciding factors might include: mental retardation, birth defects or maybe just the wrong color of hair, the last one is my emphasis. They claim the baby is not a viable being until adulthood; therefore it has no right to life if the parent chooses to abort the child, even days after it has been successfully born.
They claim it isn’t murder for the reasons stated above but we called the Nazis evil for the same reasoning in euphonizing of mentally ill Germans, and then came the Jews and countless others afterwards, murdering them for no reason at all.
It’s bad enough we are in a pitch battle against those that advocate partial birth abortion, now we have this idea entering into the thoughts and minds of those who want to live their lives at the expense of all others. This sets a dangerous turning point within our society because if a person can agree with this madness then they will be willing to go along with most anything, up to euphonizing Grandma because she turning seventy.
God gave life to this world, he decided millennia ago when life began (at conception) and any reasonable thinking person can understand it. Even if you don’t believe in the bible, all one needs to do to understand when life begins is to view a sonogram of a child in their mother’s womb. Murder is wrong and should be condemned but to treat the most innocent of us all in such a manner is incredibly cold and vicious. What’s worst, it’s done in the name of love or should I say sex because love wouldn’t be attached to this vial crime. Sex trumps all other desires and the pursuit of sex trumps all other human reasoning’s; the human being will put sex before a beautiful babies life and certainly, before God.


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