Who’s Back Do We Have?


This last Monday the president made a statement to the world about Israel’s defense in regards to Iran’s nuclear program and Israel’s desire Iran doesn’t acquire nuclear weapons capabilities. Obama said to the world “we have your back” it was unmistakable in its meaning according to all the political hacks. In a seemingly total reversal, Tuesday Obama gave a speech where he stated the US would seek diplomatic avenues to the Iranian nuclear problem and not a military approach.
It seemed to most the President left Israel out in the cold once more and his double-talk earned him a large slice of the news programming on a day where the nation was focused on the Republican primary race. It was blatant and it was noticed but the question that is on the back of my mind: will the president go so far as to put the world in jeopardy of all out war (as he did) with wishy-washy comments just to grab the spotlight from his political rivals? No question he is a narcissist but is he ignorant of the damage he is doing to the security of our nation. I don’t believe he is, it’s my opinion his seemingly bungling time-after-time of national issues is deliberate for whatever reasoning’s there might be.
He has chosen to portray this nation as unreliable partners in foreign affairs; he has chosen to put our national interest in the back seat of a run-away car heading uncontrollably for a cliff.
Israel has no choice but to primitively strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, I’ve said this many times as well as many others. It’s a no brainier when viewed from the standpoint of Islam (they want more than anything else in the world Israel annihilated and gone) with this in mind, how can Iran be trusted with such capabilities? The short answer is; they can’t be trusted because they have stated they would use such a weapon for that very purpose.
We have a combined problem, an inept administration and a world crisis, what a disastrous combination; it will take a miracle to get us out of this in one piece. It will possibly take the intervention of Christ but not before a great amount of damage has been done first. We are to watch and pray; we are also here to warn the world we are on the brink and the time of our savior is nearing.


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