Time to Save

Here it is already time to move the clock forward once more and I just adjusted to the current time, oh-well, what can we do? It seems this was the brainstorm of Ben Franklin in 1784, then, proposed again by a fellow by the name of George Van Hudson in 1895, but wasn’t put into use until the First World War. The idea was first developed to conserve candles and oil; then, later on to conserve energy. It is touted to save electricity because there are more daylight hours and people use their lights less during this time. One study shows it really doesn’t save anything because when its daylight outside people use their auto’s more and subsequently burn more gas. This might be the reason the petroleum industry is such strong advocates of Daylight Savings time.
We, in the USA aren’t the only Nation that engages in this practice, the European countries are also believers of DST, Australia and many others as well. So, twice a year at different times depending where you are in the world, we change our clocks one hour, either forward or backwards depending on the time of the year. Arizona and Hawaii have opted out of the whole mess; yet, throwing one more wrench into the works.
It gets somewhat confusing to say the least; what’s wrong with the way God created it?
However you feel about this ritual, you have to ask whether it’s something that is totally necessary? We went almost six thousand years without it just fine, the last one hundred years we’ve tried to manipulate the clock in order to create a sense of security.
God’s way of tracking time works, it’s not until man created a clock and he decided to let mechanical time monitors rule his life and dictate what he does when and where. Man created the clock now it drives man mad, what a dilemma for man because he worships the click, click, click, and has him trapped within its hands.
God created the daylight and night, the next day begins at evening, not midnight according to his creation, isn’t God’s way simple, no stress no problem, you always know what time it is in God’s kingdom, and more or less time will not save unless there is true repentance.


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