Basic Rights


Has there ever been a time when there was so much riding upon the results of a Presidential election? It becomes increasingly more amazing each day seeing what this administration is able to accomplish in the way of destroying the basic rights of the people. What’s even more amazing; there are still a large percentage of people in this nation that support the president’s agenda.
Obama had promised change and he has delivered change. He has changed this nation into a world of fear and uncertainty. We’re quickly becoming a nation split between the haves and have not; equality of all men is fading away like the ink on the original declaration of independence. The president promised unity, but what we are experiencing is far from that lofty goal. maybe by what he meant in unifying us as a nation, those that oppose him and his administration would all be put in the same prison, now that’s unity
We are becoming more and more like a third world police state with the ever growing TSA and soon I feel we will have to carry around documents (just like Nazi Germany) to prove who we are. Already, checkpoints around the nation are being setup and doing surprise inspections on major roadways for what purpose, no one is exactly sure. Increasing energy is being put into ways of disarming the people of this nation of their guns and right to bare arms. This fundamental right is the one that threatens them the most, without guns we’re like sheep waiting for slaughter.
The rights of religion are being challenged; sacred religious institutions are now being dictated to by our government what they are morally bound to and how they must satisfy the governments will. What we see as sin, the government sees as a right and an obligation to support its existence, no matter whose beliefs get in the way.
The voices of the people have been denied time and again by a run-away justice system that usurps the will of the people at the ballot box over their own twisted agendas. Common sense has been denied; it has been gaveled down in the courtrooms of our nation. The criminals are now sitting on the bench and dispensing self-made justice to the innocent too often in many cases.
What was up is now down, what was once right is now wrong, we live in a world where lazy is rewarded and success is vilified. Once more, the solution is simple, turn back to the God of this universe and his ways because man’s ways are wrong, maybe not in the beginning but man has a way of perverting what are good intentions.


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