Hope everyone is having a blessed week and a wonderful Sabbath. I usually talk about what is on my mind and having a direct affect on my life at the moment. The one thing that has me the angriest at this day and age is the ever-increasing gas prices. I hear our current president (Obama) telling us there is not a thing he can do to stop the rising of gas prices. I’ve never been a world leader, state representative, our even a dogcatcher for that matter but I have been around for quit a while. I would love to be able to give our president a little free advice on supply and demand.
“Mr. President, the more gas we have the less it cost” end of advice because more oil flowing means less demand and less cost, any person running a household budget understands that. They make fun of Sarah Palin for her “Drill baby drill” remarks but the fact is she’s dead on target. We are talked to like we can’t understand fundamental economics and understand what is truly standing in the way of having a thriving economy; it’s our currant administration.
Obama says “there is no silver bullet” my other little advice to Obama is this; quit making excuses for things you don’t want to take place. You want higher gas prices, man up and say so. You want to control every aspect of our lives, man up and say so. You want to take our guns away, man up and say that is your intent.
“Excuses are the sign of a weak mind” was what I was told growing up; if that is the case we have a very weak-minded president. He blames the bad weather on George Bush and everything else he doesn’t like happening in his administration. I have respect for a man or woman that will take responsibility for the bad as well as the good that happens due to their actions. We all make dumb decisions on occasions and I can imagine there are plenty of opportunities for mistakes leading a country but the mark of a truly great man is honesty, integrity and a willingness to take the blame, even when it isn’t his fault.
Obama is our president and like it or not, he will have to take the blame for higher gas prices and he will have to continue to explain why supply and demand doesn’t work when it comes to lowering fuel prices.
Have a great Sabbath everyone.


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