Now, the EPA wants to put into place new regulations on coal-powered plants in the US. When gas and oil is sky high our government geniuses think it’s a great idea shutting down the coal industry in the United States; I’ve got one question to these 70’s leftover hippies, how do you think we are going to power our homes, cars, and businesses.
It’s the same tired old story we are hearing from the left side of nowhere, more regulation and less production, but wait! They say coal will be replaced by the over abundance of natural gas we have this country. There’s just one catch, the same geniuses want to stop the fracking that is producing the over abundance of natural gas, that’s using your noodle the way God intended.
It seems almost hopeless we will ever return to a sense of sanity in this nation. Every time a story like this or a news report that says something of the effect about the administrations policies on oil, the gas shoots up another twenty five cents a gallon. Is it on purpose, I believe it is, why else would you continue to stir the hornets nest after you’ve already been stung.
Well enough of that, I want to remind everyone we are approaching Passover and The days of unleavened bread, your preparations should be in full swing by now. The combined services of Austin and Waco will be broadcast on the web, join us, it’s a great time of year.


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