I’ve been reminded latley there are certain paths we as Gods’ people must always be on constant vigel. The definition of a path “a track that has been worn by continual passage of feet”, it’s not always wandering off a path that can cause eminse trouble, even though wandering off the path will cause great regret. It can also be a slowing or intermitant passage of our perveabal feet that gains us problems. A slowing down can be equialivent to doing nothing in Gods work. Doing nothing is a dier place to be with God.
Passover is always an awakening in the hearts of Gods people and a urgent reunion of old faces and lives. Some of our breathern have slowed down on the path of God and because of this they often become confused at the many forks in the road present. Directions to the proper path are found within the core of our beliefs, our basic doctrines are the handrails that guide us ever forward through the forest of sin, and swamps of medioker attitude toward God.
A path is also discribed as “a course of action or a way of living”, our couse was set the day we proclaimed our union with Christ, the question becomes, does our way of living picture that course?
A course of God and his path may lead us to great discomfort, torture or even death; something most in this world denies as being a part of their religion. It’s not something God’s people desire either, but it could be the gate at which we must pass through to gain entrance into the kingdom of God.
There are many gates on the path of God, one may be open and another may be closed. Time may be the key to open one gate and prayer and fasting another, whatever the key, it comes from God. It’s God’s path, it’s God’s Keys and It’s God’s Gates, we are the blessed travelers. When we need something on God’s path, he will supply at the proper time, patience is a requirment to being on the path of God.
Have a great Sabbath and enjoy your journey.


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