Greetings: I was reading an article the other day about what makes a good leader. The article listed several characteristics needed in someone garnering to be a well-rounded leader. Some of those characteristics were as follows; number one, honesty. Honesty is the basis for gaining anyone’s trust, without it, you’re as dependable as rain in… Read More Character

Wine and Roses

Greetings: Are the days of wine and roses gone forever in this nation? Are we destined to being a third world nation because we can’t pay our national debt? Many well-known economist say that is exactly where we are headed if our policies don’t change and they are say it may already be too late.… Read More Wine and Roses


Greetings: I keep hearing the word fairness being used by our President when describing his plan to raise taxes on those that make more than a million dollars a year. Fairness is a word that hardly describes what he accurately wants to do in my humble opinion. Fairness would imply everyone pays the same, but… Read More Fairness

Bee’s and Honey

Greetings: You ever heard the expression, “you can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar”. It’s an expression used when someone needs something from someone else and they are not sure if the person on the giving end is agreeable to the deal. So, a little sugar in the attitude hopefully will cause the… Read More Bee’s and Honey

Days of no Sin

Greetings: As the Days of Unleavened Beard descend upon Gods people showing the need to remove sin from our lives and replace it with Jesus Christ. It’s become clear as water; the world isn’t interested in removing the cancers of society that has plagued even the purest of the world’s religions. Sin has become watered… Read More Days of no Sin