The First Holy Day


The time for holy day preparations is at hand, Passover is tomorrow night, and the first day of unleavened bread is this coming Sabbath. Our houses and personal lives should be cleared from the leavening of this world by now or very soon at least. These days are full of meaning and are a rehearsal of times and events that will come to God’s people somewhere in the distant future. Keeping them and understanding them is symbolic of our desire to be a part of the Kingdom of God and his plan.

Holy Days are a blessing we share with each other; it is a time of communion, joy and wonderful fellowship. The atmosphere is warm and exciting as the first gathering of the year unfolds. It marks the beginning of a journey we take yearly as individuals and as a group through the tough and eventful passages of life, culminating in a weeklong celebration in a place God has chosen.

Thursday evening is the first of those gatherings; before the journey begins, we must be reminded of the covenant we are a part of. The memorial of the New covenant we all signed with Christ is represented by a meal of unleavened bread and wine. We as his people must be ready and we must be prepared and we must be serious about our commitment with God.

God bless each and every one of you.


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