Days of no Sin


As the Days of Unleavened Beard descend upon Gods people showing the need to remove sin from our lives and replace it with Jesus Christ. It’s become clear as water; the world isn’t interested in removing the cancers of society that has plagued even the purest of the world’s religions. Sin has become watered down so the best of people will swallow it without gagging at its harshness. It’s become so common, it’s like bread on the local grocery shelf, you expect it to be there, and the world demands it to be there.
Sin is the preferred elixir of satan; he knows the world desires its taste.
They once kept secret the cravings for the vileness of sin but in today’s society and its new religion of openness one can experience any type of degradation without so much as a frown from the pulpit.
Mainstream religions rant against sin but replace the sin they denigrate with greater abominations of their imaginations and call their unholy crafts symbols of God. Children are instructed in everything unholy and rarely given God as an alternative lifestyle. Symbols of the true God are shunned by the whole world as something that is dangerous for them to view, as if they may instantly explode into flames if they look upon them. The Ten Commandments aren’t commands any longer, just ten suggestions.
The next seven days we are to take in Christ in the form of unleavened bread and remember sin has no place in God’s people or their lives. It represents the total removal of sin and the total immersion into Gods kingdom. It’s a good practice in God’s instructions and they can be found in the Bible, you know that book that sits in your house and is rarely opened.
God’s people know its location and will be rehearsing the Holy Days of God until he returns. Be one of Gods people and rejoice in the opportunity to worship the true and living God.


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