Bee’s and Honey


You ever heard the expression, “you can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar”.

It’s an expression used when someone needs something from someone else and they are not sure if the person on the giving end is agreeable to the deal. So, a little sugar in the attitude hopefully will cause the focus of your attention to take a different look at you, instantly showering you with your wishes. This course may work sometimes, but the instant you revert back to your old grumpy self, they begin to realize you were a fake.

What we are getting with the current administration is an overdose of honey and sugar laden with freedom diluting vinegar. We are promised everything under the sun, never a worry again in our lives. Uncle Sam will be there for our every need for the price of our freedoms. The problem with attracting bees with honey, bees sting to protect their food source and will sacrifice their lives to gain more. Our government will sting this nation into submission with regulations and more laws to protect its ever-increasing power and won’t relent easily.

Put your trust in the only good government, that government is Christ, his words, his truth and you’ll never be stung again.


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