I keep hearing the word fairness being used by our President when describing his plan to raise taxes on those that make more than a million dollars a year. Fairness is a word that hardly describes what he accurately wants to do in my humble opinion. Fairness would imply everyone pays the same, but that isn’t the case and everyone knows it. Those that create jobs, invest money into businesses, build corporations, pays more taxes in many different ways, not just in income. When did someone who is on welfare, having five kids and a live-in bum, do any of these things? The answer is never, take millionaires ability away from creating jobs in the form of higher taxes, because the administration thinks its fair. Higher taxes will only succeed in doing one thing. It will create more welfare recipients and more of those depending upon Uncle Sam for their livelihood.
I have a few suggestions for our President on fairness while we are on the subject. Why not, in the name of fairness, demand the prosecution of the new black panthers for voter intimidation and putting bounties on the heads of citizens. Fairness should mean, we can make our own choices in our own healthcare. Fairness would imply, you will bend towards the constitution in your decisions and not deny its authority. Fairness would mean, you will resign from your office because of your disqualifications: you’re not a natural born citizen, you’ve broken the law in numerous accounts and oh yea, you lied!
See, I have an idea as to what is fair and I think mine is better than the Presidents ideas, but I do have one more suggestion. In the name of fairness, get the bums off welfare that can work and drug test the rest and in the meantime, lower everyone else’s taxes.
If that isn’t fair, then quit demanding I take a drug test every time I apply for and get a job! Fair isn’t a word I suggest the President use any longer, it just doesn’t come out of his mouth in the right way.


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