Wine and Roses

Greetings: Are the days of wine and roses gone forever in this nation? Are we destined to being a third world nation because we can’t pay our national debt? Many well-known economist say that is exactly where we are headed if our policies don’t change and they are say it may already be too late. A few are predicting an economic meltdown within a few months or years, warning folks to prepare for depression worst than the 1930’s. There are articles in abundance exclaiming one disaster or another will be the trigger setting in motion the domino effect leading to super inflation of our economy. An attack with Iran is said will cause gas prices to explode to heights of $10.00 per gallon. The threat a race riot caused by a decision finding George Zimmerman not guilty of 2nd degree murder hangs in the balance. A major riot would in affect shut down many major cities causing untold damage having a devastating affect on our economy. Natural disasters are another threat, its unbelievable the amount of twisters occurring across our nation. Each year it seems there are more and more tornados’s, becoming more deadly as well as causing incredible damage to homes and cities, putting huge amounts of pressure on the disaster relief organizations financially. Another article I read just the other day stated the Pacific ring of fire was coming to life once more. We are told we would be seeing more and more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the future and sure enough; there was a story Friday where Mexico has had a volcanic eruption near Mexico City. The west coast of the US has a monster size target zeroed in and has for years predicted a major earthquake will hit LA or San Francisco, is this about to occur? How will we handle the days too come, how will we deal with each other and where will we go? Answers to these questions are not easy to give; most folks don’t want to contemplate scenarios of them in dire need but it could happen to any of us or God forbid, all of us get ready for the days ahead, you life may depend on it.


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