Greetings: I was reading an article the other day about what makes a good leader. The article listed several characteristics needed in someone garnering to be a well-rounded leader. Some of those characteristics were as follows; number one, honesty. Honesty is the basis for gaining anyone’s trust, without it, you’re as dependable as rain in the summer time in Texas. An honest person obeys his or hers own rules and deals equally with each person regardless of whom they are. Winston Churchill said “It’s good to be truthful, but it helps to be right.” Number two: respect, they gain respect by being trustworthy and always puts the needs of the folks they’re over. They’re not haughty or arrogant towards those less fortunate than themselves. They see the potential for greatness not just in the company but in the people who comprise the company. Someone wrote “The man thinks he is God, and worships the creator”, that is exactly not how a good leader looks at themselves. Without the employees and the company, the leader is just another person. Why am I giving this information to you this morning, you may be asking. We have a nation that is being lead by men whose actions are dishonest and unscrupulous at best. At every turn of the radio dial or click of the channel selector, we hear different words of persuasion bidding for more votes. In the meantime, burying the truth of the last four years under lies and deflection of responsibility onto anyone or thing possible. The President of the United States integrity should be above reproach. His honesty should not be in question nor should he be deflecting accusations with legal maneuvers design to muddy the waters and making it unclear of his genuineness as a good leader. Where are the Washington’s, Jefferson’s, Madison’s, Lincolns, Churchill’s, I would be happy with another Regan right now. Regan’s timely emergence in the early eighties showed the differences between good and bad in leaders and brought us back from the edge of destruction, but we are there once more and no Regan in sight. We may be doomed to mediocrity or even worse in our future leaders, but it will be by divine direction whichever the way this nation goes, because of our choices as a people.


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