The Worry Monster

Greetings: The heaviest single item in the world surmounts all other physical objects. It can be the singular item preventing forward momentum in anyone’s life. It has the capacity to envelope an entire house and everyone in it; no matter the size. It will consume a person every waking moment with volume after volume of nothingness. The heaviest single item in the world is worry and we spend more time alive worrying than we do living. It was said, “Worrying is paying on a debt not owed”, and how true is that expression. We pay without regard to the empire of worry and give constant homage to its master. We let worry rule us without questioning its credentials or motives, if fact we welcome it into our homes. We can become dependent on worry; it becomes our mate and confident and subsequently, a jealous entity. Worry will destroy friendships, relationships, business deals and will affect your job. It will show up at the worst times, even in the middle of the night it will visit you and demand your attention. We are told constantly, worrying isn’t good for us; yet, we do it anyway. What has our friendship with worrying gained us over the years, nothing? We can’t change most of what we worry about and the things we can affect usually have a way of working themselves out anyway. We spend too much time in our lives with this bad partner, isn’t it time we got rid of our single heaviest item we carry around. Pick up a new Rock, one of enormous size and power. Instead of worry carry around Jesus Christ, he will help you if you give him as much attention as you do worry.


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