Greetings Doesn’t it seem things are much more complicated these days? The government keeps telling us, they want to make our lives simpler so we have more time to pursue other endeavors and spend more time with our families. Yet, it seems because of all the bureaucracies we have now for everything from getting a simple drivers license to going to the doctor, we are spending much more of our time adhering to rules and regulations. I’m not complaining about some things we need like licensed drivers on our roads, but why do we need the government telling us what we should or shouldn’t’t eat? Why do we need bureaucrats telling us where to live or what doctor we should see? Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin in the 1940’s and 50’s was virtually driven out of Washington because he was over zealous trying to rid our nation of communist influence. It is apparent he wasn’t able to go far enough in his investigations because we now have in place what we feared the most sixty short years later. We now have an administration posting a power point presentation of the life of a girl called “Julia” and it illustrates her life starting at three and progressing in stages up to 67 years of age. It shows how the government was there for Julia at each and every stage of her life, giving her schooling, housing, food, transportation and without this help, she would be homeless and on the streets. We have a President running a campaigning on the virtues and tenets of communism and no one seems too alarmed enough to yell, “stop already”. We as a nation have never before accepted the premise, we are not able to take care of ourselves as individuals. We left the barn door open and the wolves crept in and it may be too late to stop the progression of this socialist agenda without serious damage to our nation but the alternative is just as unthinkable. I don’t think too many people are laughing at McCarthy now, do you?


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