Where Will The Rich Go?

Greetings: This week we saw another unbelievable event take place in the land of insanity (France). The people of France elected a socialist President equal in agendas with our current administrations goals and the French are fine with the same agendas. They voted to take all the money you need from the rich and fund unsustainable insane policies. Their vote equaled to giving the unproductive, unmotivated, undeserving the wealth created by men and women that have struggled to create business. All the capitol they use to create more jobs and income for others is now, an unearned monthly government check. This sounds like a recipe for disaster, makes you glad there in an entire ocean between us. On the bright side, in hopes of a leadership change in this country the rich in France may bring their money here where they would only be taxed at forty percent instead of seventy-five percent. For a short time, our markets will have extra capitol at least until you know who gets his hands on it. Where will France be once all the rich people move away with their money in tow? What will a country look like that has no wealth? We have some examples around the world, we call them “third world countries”; they are the poorest of nations that have absolutely nothing except, war. War it seems is destined for the greedy, selfish, and lazy of this world, if they won’t work, then they’re going to have to fight and if they’re too lazy to fight, they will surely die. It really is a sad commentary on the attitude of the people of our world. They would rather have someone else steel the wealth from others and give it to them so they don’t have to do anything at all. Christ said,” you don’t work, you don’t eat”. Was he being cruel, or was he giving us the blueprint for a healthy society? I guess we have to figure that out before this coming November or we may be in the same boat with France.


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