Greetings: Once a year we recognize in a special way, a particular member of our individual family’s. Our Mothers are the pivotal cog in the family unit and deserves special recognition. No other family member puts up with as much as she does on a daily basis and still is there at the end of the day with a smile on her face and love in her heart. I asked myself what it is to be a mother in the nuclear family these days. A mother today must be the guard at the gate to prevent their children from a myriad of troubles entering into their lives. Drugs and alcohol are readily available and steal the lives from many young adults. Social interaction within the lives of children has become something from sci-fi movies and a mother today has to be gadget savvy understanding the latest and greatest in new products and software. She must be on constant vigil for internet predators and seemingly innocent sites disguised as children friendly. Most homes today require two incomes; a mother today must take care of her home and hold down a job. She must be well educated to get ahead in society and motivated to rise to the top of her profession. A mother today must be the educator as well; the information coming from our public schools is lacking in every category. The parents that teach their children at home along with public schools are giving their children an advantage in today’s society. A mother must be a spiritual advisor; answering questions of faith and belief. A mother must learn to build the foundation for their children’s lives in many ways and believing in God is the first of those ways. A mother today must be the police, the technology expert, the income earner, the educator, and the spiritual advisor all in one. I can see the reason we set aside one day a year to say to all the mothers out there, “We Love You”. Have a great Sabbath!


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