What are friends for?

Greetings: The expression, “What are friends for” is one we use to respond to someone who has just given us a compliment. But, what are friends truly for? Are they there to make your life more comfortable, or are they there for you when things get uncomfortable in life. When a close family member or spouse dies, your friend will be there. When times of trouble arise in your life, your friends will help you overcome your problems as best they can. Friends are for lending you a shoulder to cry on and holding all your secrets in confidence. They don’t see weakness in you when you’re down and out, and going through bad times. In times of troubles, they see a person filled with goodness they love and care about and are at your side to make the difference. They are not critical of your decisions but they help guide you through the tough times and help you learn to make better choices Friends are for sharing your life together and laughing and singing and remembering the joy you’ve had together. Friends are for moments in your life when you feel all alone, you look up and there they are smiling and with just a little encouragement make you thank God, you have a friend. Christ will be your closest friend, but you have to want to be his and be ready to die for him, for a friend is one who is willing to give his life for you, just like he has done.


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