One Day

Greetings: I was sitting at my computer contemplating; one day, I need to wash my car, clean the house, and do the laundry. Chores seem to always get put on the things I need to do, but never get done. A few moments later, I was thinking; one day, I need to write that book I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve had ideas about many things to write about. One, is expressing myself by pen and paper in the form of a book, but have never gotten around to it. After those fanciful thoughts I was began looking outside through the window and saw all the yard work needing to be done and thought; you know, one day I will get on those outside projects and get them done. My yard and garden will look great once I have completed the yard projects. My mind centered back onto church business and I began searching for subjects for sermons. I found a couple that I thought was a bit hard, maybe too meaty; I sat those aside thinking, one day, I will give those sermons when the time is right. It suddenly dawned on me, what if, one day never comes, what if all my procrastinating finds me lacking in the sight of God. One day, is here for Gods people! We in the church have put off our responsibility to Christ, too often, too long. If we have questions about the bible; now is the time to get answers. If we have habits that endanger our salvation and we keep saying: one day I’ll stop, today is that day. We can put off the yard work, we can put off the housework and we can drive a dirty car, but we cannot afford to wait one more day to ensure our place in Gods kingdom. One more day, may be the last day of your physical life, think about it, but don’t take too long.


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