Greetings: Real Ville; where is this mythological place? I hear Rush Limbaugh say he lives in Real Ville but if you Goggle its location you can’t find it. The place doesn’t exist on any maps or programs available today, but I know it’s a true place, because great people live there I’m told. What are the tell-tale signs of someone living in Real Ville? It seems they exhibit characteristics of honesty, bravery and live a very conservative life. A Real-Ville citizen doesn’t fall for mainstream media’s propaganda campaigns designed to make one move away from this great place. It’s there home most claims; it’s a place they have invested their entire reputations. The citizens seem to be mostly Christian in nature; based in the concept where moral values are the desired model to live ones life, Real-Ville is the only place suited for them. Real-Ville isn’t a place for liars or those who spend there time deceiving others. Satan wouldn’t live in this wonderful place; he would be asked to move out. It seems Real-Ville is lacking one element; the majority of the citizens of Real-Ville take a vacation when it comes to the truth of God. They will deny their claims of citizenship in Real-Ville when their preverbal necks are on the line. It seems, the only true citizens of Real-Ville are Gods people. Where is Real-Ville? We now know Real-Ville is each and every home where Gods people love and follow God. Welcome to Real-Ville.


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