Greetings: Weeds are the most prolific plant I have ever been granted the glorious misery to endure. They grow prolifically when nothing else will; they don’t need or want fertilizer, the worse the soil the thicker they grow. Weeds grow from between rocks, concrete, and the worst soil or conditions imaginable. If grass grows one… Read More Weeds


Greetings: I want to start out by saying one simple little statement: “Leave my Savior alone”. Over the years books, art, and movies have tried to portray Jesus as some kind of freak of nature or a fraud of the grandest scale. We’ve seen Jesus portrayed as a homosexual, bastard, and weak freakish sub-human by… Read More Savior


Hello Everyone: There is a great deal going on in our country that is beyond the pale in terms of believability. Three stories this week on Fox news which I heard myself made me wonder what nation we were living in and what era. The first of the incredible stories begins with cellulose fuels. This… Read More Incredible