Weeds are the most prolific plant I have ever been granted the glorious misery to endure. They grow prolifically when nothing else will; they don’t need or want fertilizer, the worse the soil the thicker they grow. Weeds grow from between rocks, concrete, and the worst soil or conditions imaginable. If grass grows one inch a week weeds will grow twenty inches that same week with the same amount of water and sunlight; if you cut them they seem to grow even faster as if to say, “I’m here and there’s nothing you can do about it”.
We are blessed in Texas to have a large variety of weeds from very short to exceedingly tall. Some have beautiful flowers; others are just plain ugly and annoying.
Some weeds here have thorns or stickers; one weed in particular has little sticky seeds that stick to anything when brushed up against. I’ve personally had as many as a couple of million stuck to my pants leg at one time, well it seemed like it anyway.
What does all this have to do with a Sabbath reminder, you may be asking. I’ve noticed in the few years I’ve spent on the planet weeds are like some folks. Some folks are more comfortable in conditions normal humans wouldn’t or couldn’t thrive. They relish in horrible conditions in the worst places this society has in order to pursue unimaginable habits and desires. They pass on their seeds of destruction with the merest of encounters spreading evil like fertilizer. Our way of life is being chocked out because of the weeds of the world.
You can’t get rid of weeds or the depravity by trying to manage the conditions in which they thrive. My mother always told me, weeds have to be pulled up by the roots in order to rid the yard from them. The same will have to happen to this world, the people, and the conditions will have to be altered in order for this world to become truly beautiful again, just like the garden of God.


I want to start out by saying one simple little statement: “Leave my Savior alone”. Over the years books, art, and movies have tried to portray Jesus as some kind of freak of nature or a fraud of the grandest scale. We’ve seen Jesus portrayed as a homosexual, bastard, and weak freakish sub-human by Hollywood over the past thirty years and frankly, I for one am tired of it.
In art, the depravity goes even deeper with Christ on the cross-submerged in a jar of urine. He is also portrayed as a six chocolate anatomically correct totally nude figure in a museum. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to some folks renditions of our God and savior. Now Hollywood is making a new film portraying Jesus as the product of Mary being raped by a roman solider and the miracles Jesus performed in his lifetime never happened.
You wonder why it is folks who don’t want God in their lives desire to spend as much of their precious time putting down Jesus who is the savior of so many others in this world. Why are they threaten by our belief and our faith, if they believe (as they do) Christ is a fraud; then, ignore it and leave us alone to worship as we see fit.
If it were any other religion they would champion the right of the people to worship in the manner required. If it were Islam, they wouldn’t dare portray Mohammed in a jar of urine; they would have a brigade of angry Muslims after them demanding their heads. Christ on the other hand is free game and open to any and all insults according to the left and it doesn’t matter who they offend.
Christ going to return unlike all the other false Gods in this world and he has a way of dealing with this type of attitude. Christ doesn’t need my help in defending his image or name; he is totally capable in doing it himself. But, we are to be a witness and warning in the face of such ridicule, so today I’m making my statement, “Leave my savior alone”.


Hello Everyone:
There is a great deal going on in our country that is beyond the pale in terms of believability. Three stories this week on Fox news which I heard myself made me wonder what nation we were living in and what era. The first of the incredible stories begins with cellulose fuels. This is gas made with wood or plant material instead of oil brought to the surface by drilling then refined into gas.
Our wise and benevolent government has mandated the refineries produce a certain amount of fuel mixed with these bio-fuels or face stiff penalties, and have been doing this since 2007. The problem with all of this, not one gallon is available to the refineries as additives because it isn’t commercially produced as of this current date. The refineries are fined to the tune of 6.8 million dollars for not using the non-existent bio-fuel in just this year alone. Guess who’s paying for this; we are, the American people are paying for this with each gallon we pump into our cars.
The second surreal story was on the Obama re-election campaign sending out a press release asking anyone and everyone to for-go giving money out to birthdays, holidays, or special events for friends and family. Instead, he wants you to send him the money for his campaign to use so he can be our president for the next four years.  Do you feel like your still in bed dreaming?
The last is very troubling to me; it seems Marvel Comics and other creators of comic books have been on a mission to sell the gay lifestyle to our younger generation. Old favorites like Archie and recently X-Men have portrayed gay weddings between two gay men. It’s a disturbing trend because young boys especially are heavily influenced by action novels and have become the latest targets of the homosexual agenda.
Times have become very troubling in our nation; it seems we have transported back to Sodom and Gomorra and we know how that ended. Pray for the strength to escape these things for I fear we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

The Most Interesting Man

 A commercial airing on television depicts a man described as “The most Interesting Man”; it goes on to establish his credentials by the most ridiculous instances imaginable. But, it does bring to mind the question, who is the most interesting man? I believe most folks would classify all sorts of men as interesting but who is on top on the list, is it Obama? He may not be the most likable, but one could make the case he is interesting. He is interesting enough that we might want to know more about him and his past, but we probably know more about the background of the guy doing the commercial than we do the early life of Obama.
Obama would probably be more interesting if he didn’t sound like a record stuck in the same grove repeating the same thing over and over, “It’s Bush’s fault, it’s bush’s fault “ or “ the economy is doing better: yea, like a dead dog is doing better.
He would more than likely be more interesting if we truly knew what he believed. Is he a Muslim, is he a Christian, or is he both? Is he a Communist, a Marxist, Fascist, or just plain liberal, who really knows?
Obama is a man of many talents, you have to admit. He is able to look straight into the teleprompter and say some of the most egregious things without blinking and eye. He is able to associate himself with felons, murderers, liars, and cheats without a bit of it rubbing off on him. He is able to sit in a church pew and listen to “I hate America” speeches for twenty years and come out loving this country (for the first time). He is able to make this world into an equal playing field for all by bringing us together by wealth; how, you ask? He is bringing the social classes together by destroying those that succeed, and taxing the rich into oblivion, how ingenious is that?
Come to think of it, Obama is the most interesting man by the same standards as in the commercial. His credentials are established by the most ridiculous instances imaginable. Now, tell me again how we made him President of this great nation.
The most interesting man is not just a man but Jesus Christ and the world would know that if they would only listen to his words and hear his truths. The world will get to meet the most interesting man very soon now; he won’t be peddling beer or trying to fool a nation.

The Two Preachers

Greetings: Two preachers were having a discussion one day on how to give a good sermon. The younger of the two commented on the elder’s ability to make the worst subjects interesting and was laying it on pretty thick, but the older of the two preachers avoided the temptation to take too much credit for himself. Instead, he acknowledged the abilities of the younger preacher and it greatly pleased the younger preacher hearing the exalting words from the older preacher. He couldn’t resist the temptation as the older preacher had been able to do; instead, he began bragging on himself and all his accomplishments. The older preacher seeing an opportunity played on the ego of the younger saying, “I’ll bet you could give a sermon and keep everyone’s attention on the most boring of subjects”. The younger preacher with his chest swelled out said, “I sure could”. The older preacher then challenged the younger preacher to do a one-hour sermon on the game of solitaire. The younger preacher accepted the challenge and began his preparations. The day came for the sermon to be delivered but the younger preacher was unable to come up with anything interesting about the game of solitaire; it had been more of a challenge than he had anticipated. The older stepped in at that moment suspecting from the beginning he would be delivering the sermon on that day. The older preacher began by comparing life with the game of solitaire, he stated,” Every game of solitaire is an opportunity to learn, not just win, but learn”. There are a million ways to win and a million ways to loose and winning and loosing is determined by the choices you make. You learn to make good choices and the results, you win more often. You learn quickly to avoid bad decisions and strategies that can cut your game short. You begin the game alone and you end the game alone; the only help you get for the duration of the game are the cards you’re dealt. At the end of the sermon the older preacher was inundated with compliments on his sermon and it wasn’t long before the young preacher approached him. The younger preacher was humbled by his inability to see the simple teachings from such a simple subject. The younger preacher asked the older where he had gone wrong with the subject and why he couldn’t see the obvious. The older was kind but blunt, “You thought too much of yourself, you wanted to impress everyone so much on your abilities to speak you forgot to look at the most important part of a sermon. Every subject has a lesson to learn from, whether its the bees, the birds, the trees, and even a simple game of solitaire. God made it that way so we could learn to be humble and seek his wisdom and the greatest lessons of all lessons come from his words”. How often we get so caught up in ourselves we forget the church belongs to Christ, not man. His lessons are for us to instruct those that don’t know his words, but we get full of ourselves and we think we know better than Christ and we own the church, not him. Simple lessons are all around us, especially in scripture, when you truly want to find truth, begin by looking there first.


What Does It Matter?

Greetings: I heard on the radio the other day someone say; “What does it matter”? They were referring to a policeman upholding the law and this person thought the office was going overboard by doing his job. Does it matter if the police pick and choose which laws they want to enforce? Does it matter if we put our thumbs to our noses when it comes to the law and obey only those that suit us? What does it matter if someone robs you or what does it matter if we cheat in school. What does it matter if every teen is having sex with whoever they wish and what does it matter if we teach our children; it’s okay to be gay and same sex marriage is fine. What does it matter if the same kids have tattoos from head to foot and do drugs by the suitcase load? What does it matter if they can’t read or write by the time they graduate, surly that can’t matter because they are looking for a career in sports anyway. What does it matter if the Ten Commandments are taken off the wall or out of the public buildings? What does it matter if can’t teach our children about God and creation but they are forced to learn about evolution. It seems the only things that do matter today are those things that say; “you can go no further”, or “you’re wrong”. It matters when a lawsuit can be filed for frivolous reasons and it matters when their right to be stupid is infringed upon. To the world at large, God doesn’t matter or his truth because, the things that matter to God doesn’t matter to man and the things that matter to man doesn’t matter to God. You want to bet who comes out on top in this situation, not me, because God matters.


Middle of the Road

Greetings: The middle of the road may seem like a safe place to travel, but the middle of the road is where they plant the landmines. When we were in the far away places employed by good old Uncle Sam years ago; we were taught to walk off the road and any known trails. Ol’ Charlie, as he was affectionately known, was very adept at knowing where the right places to plant bombs for the optimal affect. If we avoid problems by walking the middle of the road we will eventually discover it is a self-destructive course. No one can maintain a natural position on everything just ask any politician, they spend much of their time there. The middle may seem safe at first glance but rest assured satan’s favorite course is the middle of the road. Getting off course can be just as dangerous; it is always wise to have a good moral compass to guide you on your way. We must keep the needle pointing towards God at all times to avoid getting lost. The path best traveled by Gods people is the one clearly defined by scripture. Another trick we used was to walk in the footsteps of the man in front of you; this way you were sure not to step on any landmines. We can stay safe on our journey in this life if we lean to walk in the footsteps of Christ. This world is called a jungle and its borders aren’t always clearly visible, walking where Christ walked will keep you safe spiritually. We were not always the best at walking the trails in far away lands so many years ago but with the right leader who knows the lay of the land, we knew we could come home safe. Christ is our leader in this world and he knows how to get us from point A to point B but if we don’t follow his instructions, it is at our own peril.