The Two Preachers

Greetings: Two preachers were having a discussion one day on how to give a good sermon. The younger of the two commented on the elder’s ability to make the worst subjects interesting and was laying it on pretty thick, but the older of the two preachers avoided the temptation to take too much credit for himself. Instead, he acknowledged the abilities of the younger preacher and it greatly pleased the younger preacher hearing the exalting words from the older preacher. He couldn’t resist the temptation as the older preacher had been able to do; instead, he began bragging on himself and all his accomplishments. The older preacher seeing an opportunity played on the ego of the younger saying, “I’ll bet you could give a sermon and keep everyone’s attention on the most boring of subjects”. The younger preacher with his chest swelled out said, “I sure could”. The older preacher then challenged the younger preacher to do a one-hour sermon on the game of solitaire. The younger preacher accepted the challenge and began his preparations. The day came for the sermon to be delivered but the younger preacher was unable to come up with anything interesting about the game of solitaire; it had been more of a challenge than he had anticipated. The older stepped in at that moment suspecting from the beginning he would be delivering the sermon on that day. The older preacher began by comparing life with the game of solitaire, he stated,” Every game of solitaire is an opportunity to learn, not just win, but learn”. There are a million ways to win and a million ways to loose and winning and loosing is determined by the choices you make. You learn to make good choices and the results, you win more often. You learn quickly to avoid bad decisions and strategies that can cut your game short. You begin the game alone and you end the game alone; the only help you get for the duration of the game are the cards you’re dealt. At the end of the sermon the older preacher was inundated with compliments on his sermon and it wasn’t long before the young preacher approached him. The younger preacher was humbled by his inability to see the simple teachings from such a simple subject. The younger preacher asked the older where he had gone wrong with the subject and why he couldn’t see the obvious. The older was kind but blunt, “You thought too much of yourself, you wanted to impress everyone so much on your abilities to speak you forgot to look at the most important part of a sermon. Every subject has a lesson to learn from, whether its the bees, the birds, the trees, and even a simple game of solitaire. God made it that way so we could learn to be humble and seek his wisdom and the greatest lessons of all lessons come from his words”. How often we get so caught up in ourselves we forget the church belongs to Christ, not man. His lessons are for us to instruct those that don’t know his words, but we get full of ourselves and we think we know better than Christ and we own the church, not him. Simple lessons are all around us, especially in scripture, when you truly want to find truth, begin by looking there first.


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