The Most Interesting Man

 A commercial airing on television depicts a man described as “The most Interesting Man”; it goes on to establish his credentials by the most ridiculous instances imaginable. But, it does bring to mind the question, who is the most interesting man? I believe most folks would classify all sorts of men as interesting but who is on top on the list, is it Obama? He may not be the most likable, but one could make the case he is interesting. He is interesting enough that we might want to know more about him and his past, but we probably know more about the background of the guy doing the commercial than we do the early life of Obama.
Obama would probably be more interesting if he didn’t sound like a record stuck in the same grove repeating the same thing over and over, “It’s Bush’s fault, it’s bush’s fault “ or “ the economy is doing better: yea, like a dead dog is doing better.
He would more than likely be more interesting if we truly knew what he believed. Is he a Muslim, is he a Christian, or is he both? Is he a Communist, a Marxist, Fascist, or just plain liberal, who really knows?
Obama is a man of many talents, you have to admit. He is able to look straight into the teleprompter and say some of the most egregious things without blinking and eye. He is able to associate himself with felons, murderers, liars, and cheats without a bit of it rubbing off on him. He is able to sit in a church pew and listen to “I hate America” speeches for twenty years and come out loving this country (for the first time). He is able to make this world into an equal playing field for all by bringing us together by wealth; how, you ask? He is bringing the social classes together by destroying those that succeed, and taxing the rich into oblivion, how ingenious is that?
Come to think of it, Obama is the most interesting man by the same standards as in the commercial. His credentials are established by the most ridiculous instances imaginable. Now, tell me again how we made him President of this great nation.
The most interesting man is not just a man but Jesus Christ and the world would know that if they would only listen to his words and hear his truths. The world will get to meet the most interesting man very soon now; he won’t be peddling beer or trying to fool a nation.

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