Hello Everyone:
There is a great deal going on in our country that is beyond the pale in terms of believability. Three stories this week on Fox news which I heard myself made me wonder what nation we were living in and what era. The first of the incredible stories begins with cellulose fuels. This is gas made with wood or plant material instead of oil brought to the surface by drilling then refined into gas.
Our wise and benevolent government has mandated the refineries produce a certain amount of fuel mixed with these bio-fuels or face stiff penalties, and have been doing this since 2007. The problem with all of this, not one gallon is available to the refineries as additives because it isn’t commercially produced as of this current date. The refineries are fined to the tune of 6.8 million dollars for not using the non-existent bio-fuel in just this year alone. Guess who’s paying for this; we are, the American people are paying for this with each gallon we pump into our cars.
The second surreal story was on the Obama re-election campaign sending out a press release asking anyone and everyone to for-go giving money out to birthdays, holidays, or special events for friends and family. Instead, he wants you to send him the money for his campaign to use so he can be our president for the next four years.  Do you feel like your still in bed dreaming?
The last is very troubling to me; it seems Marvel Comics and other creators of comic books have been on a mission to sell the gay lifestyle to our younger generation. Old favorites like Archie and recently X-Men have portrayed gay weddings between two gay men. It’s a disturbing trend because young boys especially are heavily influenced by action novels and have become the latest targets of the homosexual agenda.
Times have become very troubling in our nation; it seems we have transported back to Sodom and Gomorra and we know how that ended. Pray for the strength to escape these things for I fear we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

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