I want to start out by saying one simple little statement: “Leave my Savior alone”. Over the years books, art, and movies have tried to portray Jesus as some kind of freak of nature or a fraud of the grandest scale. We’ve seen Jesus portrayed as a homosexual, bastard, and weak freakish sub-human by Hollywood over the past thirty years and frankly, I for one am tired of it.
In art, the depravity goes even deeper with Christ on the cross-submerged in a jar of urine. He is also portrayed as a six chocolate anatomically correct totally nude figure in a museum. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to some folks renditions of our God and savior. Now Hollywood is making a new film portraying Jesus as the product of Mary being raped by a roman solider and the miracles Jesus performed in his lifetime never happened.
You wonder why it is folks who don’t want God in their lives desire to spend as much of their precious time putting down Jesus who is the savior of so many others in this world. Why are they threaten by our belief and our faith, if they believe (as they do) Christ is a fraud; then, ignore it and leave us alone to worship as we see fit.
If it were any other religion they would champion the right of the people to worship in the manner required. If it were Islam, they wouldn’t dare portray Mohammed in a jar of urine; they would have a brigade of angry Muslims after them demanding their heads. Christ on the other hand is free game and open to any and all insults according to the left and it doesn’t matter who they offend.
Christ going to return unlike all the other false Gods in this world and he has a way of dealing with this type of attitude. Christ doesn’t need my help in defending his image or name; he is totally capable in doing it himself. But, we are to be a witness and warning in the face of such ridicule, so today I’m making my statement, “Leave my savior alone”.

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