Weeds are the most prolific plant I have ever been granted the glorious misery to endure. They grow prolifically when nothing else will; they don’t need or want fertilizer, the worse the soil the thicker they grow. Weeds grow from between rocks, concrete, and the worst soil or conditions imaginable. If grass grows one inch a week weeds will grow twenty inches that same week with the same amount of water and sunlight; if you cut them they seem to grow even faster as if to say, “I’m here and there’s nothing you can do about it”.
We are blessed in Texas to have a large variety of weeds from very short to exceedingly tall. Some have beautiful flowers; others are just plain ugly and annoying.
Some weeds here have thorns or stickers; one weed in particular has little sticky seeds that stick to anything when brushed up against. I’ve personally had as many as a couple of million stuck to my pants leg at one time, well it seemed like it anyway.
What does all this have to do with a Sabbath reminder, you may be asking. I’ve noticed in the few years I’ve spent on the planet weeds are like some folks. Some folks are more comfortable in conditions normal humans wouldn’t or couldn’t thrive. They relish in horrible conditions in the worst places this society has in order to pursue unimaginable habits and desires. They pass on their seeds of destruction with the merest of encounters spreading evil like fertilizer. Our way of life is being chocked out because of the weeds of the world.
You can’t get rid of weeds or the depravity by trying to manage the conditions in which they thrive. My mother always told me, weeds have to be pulled up by the roots in order to rid the yard from them. The same will have to happen to this world, the people, and the conditions will have to be altered in order for this world to become truly beautiful again, just like the garden of God.

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