4th of July



On this 4th of July I would like to give my thoughts on what it means to be free. I was always taught being free meant being an individual. It meant, a person could succeed and go as high as anyone in this country in education or wealth. You could fail or succeed in life, it was up to you. Because this nation is so diverse and robust a person could fail several times in their lifetime, learn from their failure, and still succeed in the end.
It meant we got to choose what we ate, drank, and said, we could choose how we worshiped and how we acted as a person or group. We could choose to be stupid or smart; it was our choice guaranteed by the constitution. It meant we could enjoy the quality of life we decided for ourselves and our families not some bureaucrat thousands of miles away.
We the People, is at the beginning of our honored document. We the people are willing to endure many things too keep our freedoms. We once endured rationing of all kinds of luxuries order to maintain our sacred freedoms and many would be again. Many men and women died in several wars over the centuries for cause and country to maintain our inalienable rights. The blood of Patriots past and present paid the price for the liberties we enjoy today. Every drop of blood was payment for an idea larger than man himself, gifted from God to humanity this nation became a beacon to those wanting to be free from tyranny. Our forefather recognized liberties were from God and equality wasn’t given by status but simply by birth. Our forefathers also realized that government was an uncontrollable beast ravaging mankind without mercy. They saw the need to have God as the governing force and warned against letting government loose, so the constrained it by a very short document called the constitution.
We are blessed as a people and a nation, once we were lead by the principles of the Holy Scriptures and not by fifteen-second sound bites on the evening news. Our children were once taught by dedicated men and women driven by love of God willing too instill within the hearts and minds of the most tender among us the love of God first and the love of liberty and country second. Sacrifice wasn’t just a word but a way of life to many for a greater good. Liberty didn’t mean we had the right to disrupt and tear down, it meant we had the right to build a greater life, community, and nation.
If we would allow God to lead this nation like we once did and let his word be spoken in schools, government halls, and courthouses, and return to the principles laid out in that sacred document. We the People would once again have a country not driven by fear but by the almighty God. Have a great 4th of July and God bless you all!

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