The Old Dead Tree

I recently embarked upon a chore to remove a very large old dead tree from my property. I have a small Bobcat with a bucket I use to do many landscaping projects around the yard and I thought it would be the perfect implement to push down the old tree. I aired up the tires, checked the oil and finally fired up the bobcat and started my run at the tree. Upon contact the tree shuttered violently and the bobcat abruptly stopped dead in its tracks jarring me sillier than I was.
There was no sense of clarity at that moment just fog; so, I decided to ram the tree again and again and again, until the fog lifted just enough I came to the realization it wasn’t working and wasn’t going to work no matter how many times I rammed the old stubborn tree.
With my brain sloshing about I began thinking of ways to remove the old tree other than the self-destructive course I had just abandoned. I had a chain saw but the tree was entirely too big at the base and where it was located made that option too dangerous. I tried tying a chain around the top limbs and pulling it down but it was much too stubborn to budge. It came to me in a daze while yanking on the tree with the chain, “why not burn it down”. I began piling wood upon wood at the base of the old tree and when I thought I had enough, I set it ablaze. The old tree began burning at the bottom and the wood piled around the base completely disappeared over the next few hours. It took three day for that tree to completely burn away, even the roots smoldered into ash where there was nothing left. After all of that the pounding my head and body took healed and I was back to a semiconscious state, I began seeing a lesson emerge from this whole event.
Old dead ideas are hard to remove; they are like the old tree in many ways. They take up space, they are sometimes dangerous, and they don’t do a thing for the world around them. It takes a drastic event like fire to remove them completely. Ideas are like the old tree they must burn all the way down into the stump and roots to ensure they are totally gone.
Once the area is clear, a new tree can grow giving shade, fruit, and beauty for years to come. Once the old ideas are cleared completely away a new way of thinking and believing can begin and a new way of life giving hope to those around you can begin.

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