Horse of Course

Hello Everyone:
There was one thing I learned early on as a young boy growing up on a farm; animal attitudes are as unpredictable as Texas weather. The worst of the bunch are horses by far. I learned the hard way if they can bite you, they will. If they can kick you, they will. If they can buck you and stomp you, they most certainly will do their best to do so.
For most folks today, horses unlike most farm animals are more of a hobby than a necessity. We don’t rely on them for transportation or farm work like we had in the last six thousand years. Horses can be a lot of fun when they aren’t being cantankerous my wife and I spent many wonderful weekends riding together in years past. They even say riding a horse is therapeutic. Ann Romney used it as therapy for her cancers and attributes it towards her complete healing. Unfortunately, the only therapeutics I received from riding horses was from mending broken bones and cuts, but there again horses and I never seem to see eye to eye.
Horses are very intelligent animals they can sense when something’s wrong and show their uneasiness at the first hint of danger, but horses can be taught to disregard their inherent fears and carry their passengers into harms way at the risk of demise. They’ve carried men on and off the field of battle since the dawn of time up to and including WWII. Even through they can be the most obstinate of beast, they also can be the most noble of beast; they could kill you in and instant or bond with you for a lifetime.
Over the last century we as a nation progressed forward into a time of opulence and carefree living; we no longer rely upon the graciousness of horses to carry us to our destinations. Today, we have the modern age that serves us with cars, trucks and airplanes that does the chores once done by horses. 
Although, we are more advanced in some ways, we have lost much in exchange. What we were taught by simple farm animals can’t be replaced any modern gadgets no matter how sophisticated. We s a nation have forgotten that simple things like horses served us well the first one hundred and fifty years. Maybe it’s time to look at the horse again and consider for a moment its honesty, loyalty, and nobleness and try for a while at least adding these virtues back into our society.

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