Greetings to all:
Charles was unique fellow to say the least. Charles wasn’t the brightest kid; he was short on education and lacked a lot of guidance in his upbringing by no fault of his own doing. He was the product of a broken home and he was the second of four children. He lived with his mother and was going to school part time and working in a restaurant in the evenings. The bulk of his earnings went to support the household and he was able to keep only a small portion for school, clothes, and a theater visit once a week.
Charles was a hard worker when he was at the restaurant and was well liked by all. His manager was a friendly guy but when it came to getting the work done he was adamant. The work at times was fast, hot, and demanding; it was a popular restaurant with the college students and they could be lined up out the door for hours waiting for a good cheap greasy meal.
Charles would dish out the food at furious rate trying to keep up with the demand, all the while the manger would be yelling to hurry up. All poor Charles could do was keep going and yell back, “I’m trying, I’m trying”. The manager would gradually raise his voice higher and more demanding as the night progressed and Charles would more adamantly counter with his usual reply,” I’m trying, I’m trying”.  This went on for a couple of years, the same scene played out every evening like they were stuck in time.
One day it was time for Charles to leave; he had joined the Military and was on his last shift. There were fond farewells and best wishes given unlike any other time he had worked there. The one thing that stuck with Charles the most out of everything said to him that day was said to him by his manager.
His manager gripped his hand and told Charles the one thing that always had impressed him more than anything else about him was, he never said, I can’t. “I shouted and demanded but you never said I can’t, you always said I’m trying”, you never quit.
How do you respond to God when outside demands are weighing heavy on you, are you like Charles and say, “I’m trying”, or are you like so many others and say to God,” I can’t do this anymore”. Like Charles’s manager, what will get our creators attention , is continuing to try, and with Gods’ help and his endless love we will overcome, and its okay to ask for a little help when things get a rough, he will understand.

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