The Hand that Feeds You

When I was growing up I always knew who it was supplying the food on the table. It was the same two people I trusted and relied upon everyday of my life. I never would have given a thought of rejecting the food and clothing my parents supplied because I needed the benefits they supplied and had no way of acquiring them for myself.
I never expected to see the neighbor walk through the front door with the necessary things we needed to survive and I probably wouldn’t know what to think if they had. If there ever would have been a time when we had no food, it probably would have been a welcomed gift had they done such a generous act; but it wasn’t their responsibility to feed me and my siblings.
Although we seldom were appreciative of the food and clothing that was supplied to us growing up, we still had a love for our parents. We never rejected the simple things they supplied necessary for us to live when we were totally unable to provide for ourselves.
What does it say about a nation that hates the hand that feeds it? We have rejected our blessings from God and in many cases God himself. What does it say about a people that has lost its identity and no longer knows from whence it blessings will come. Are we now so incredibly blind as a nation to the benefits of Gods teachings and love that we reject his grace and power with little consideration of the repercussions. Can we simply sustain ourselves as a nation without God? As a child I knew I couldn’t live without my parents being there with the necessary things for me to live. As a nation we are more ignorant than a child because we can’t seem to see our spiritual benefactors hand at work within our nation. How long can a child survive without his needs? We may get the answer in the form of us as a nation rejecting the hand that feeds it.

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