The Face of Evil


The face of evil, what would it look like if we knew what we were looking at? Would it look like the young man that blew himself up in a crowded bus taking innocent Israelis with him? Would it look like the men comprising Jordanian armies going street by street systematically killing whomever they can find? How about the guy that killed so many teenagers on vacation on a retreat in Norway several years ago?
The face of evil might even look like a clean cut young man going to college getting his doctrinal degree. That same young innocent looking young man might turn out to be someone who could walk into a capacity-filled theater and start randomly shooting without regard killing men, women, and small children. He could be someone who after all his carnage was complete would have one more surprise, his apartment might be booby-trapped trying to take even more unsuspecting lives.
The truth is, evil can’t be seen just by looking at someone; evil people don’t walk around with stamps on their foreheads announcing who they are. The old adage, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, is as true today as it was fifty years ago. It’s a shame tragedy of this type is foisted upon us both locally and nationally but it is the by-product of a society and cultures who have eroded their morals to a point where little consideration is given before an educated, clean-cut young man goes on a rampage of terror.
God is not allowed to guide our youths thinking any longer, God is not allowed in public; he name can’t be said above a low whisper. It may offend someone if they see God displayed is some way or fashion but they will openly morn the loss of innocents in tragedies such as these and a national call to prayer will go out. We were asked to pray but for what and who do we pray to, because it’s too late, we sent God away long ago as a society?
 “The Dark Knight” will forever stigmatize the imagination of a nation but it will do little too subside the violence we have unleashed into our lands. We will continue to suffer with these types of rage killings because we have traded our God for chaos and chaos brings violence. The face of evil will continue to grow without restraints and it can even consume a nation, especially one without God.

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