There is a great difference between wanting and needing most folks would agree. The part that so often gets confused, one might not be able to distinguish between wanting something and needing something. “I want therefore I need”, seems to be the mantra of many folks today. I can want things out of my reach and be totally miserable because of my desire to live above my means. I can strive to acquire the things I need and live a comfortable life within an affordable parameters designed around my income sustainability.
I need a car but do I need a Cadillac or Lincoln Continental, would on the other hand, a small compact suffice for the need I have. I need a home but wanting a million dollar home is useless in my case and far above any reasonable expectation of affordability. A small home is more easily attained and kept. I want a job that pays me really well but I really need a job where I can receive a paycheck each week, even if it’s only minimum wage.
We want, we want, we want; even our Government is evolved in this lunacy. On our behalf, our government wants to eradicate poverty. I want to see poverty eliminated as much as the next person, but the truth is, it will never happen no matter how much of our tax dollars are spent. The wisest of the generation of Oz has deemed dump truck loads of tax dollars are not to be spared in the education of our most tender minds. Once again, given the track record of so far with dollars to achievement ratios, it seems want is over rated and need is underestimated.
When we boil down the soup we call want, it often turns bitter quickly because it’s unsustainable in a natural environment. Need is always attainable and easily acquired, need is always refreshed by the will of God. Gods will is for us to have what we need, not what we want and its good we live in a world where this is the way of life. Most folks would agree, the will of God is what we need in our lives and the good news is, when it comes to wanting God in our lives, we can have that as well.

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