Ban The Banner’s

Let’s ban the banners. Groups that ban Christian institutions for not complying with their way of thinking are in the forefront of news story’s everywhere these days. They target people and businesses that practice their constitutional rights as Americans who dare to speak out about despicable social issues such as abortion. Typically these Christian folks have practices that identify them as Christian believers and will support candidates that are like-minded. In the case of Chic-fil-a, they close on Sundays’ and other businesses have similar policies as well that make them identifiable.
It’s never good enough for the crazies to just be opposed to Christian values and make their statement; no one begrudges them their right to free speech. Honest, hard working, decent folks must change their beliefs and practices to suite the lazy, ignorant, and intolerant crazies. I call them lazy because they seem to have all the time in the world to push their agendas and no viable source of income. I call them ignorant because they don’t care to learn anything else but are satisfied in creating chaos. And I call the crazies because they simply are! If most folks that are good and decent don’t agree with someone’s polices or comments or even who they donate campaign monies to, they simply don’t go back and do business there. Why is the good way of life evil and the bad way the better way? Its not, and the world knows it but they won’t say anything in fear of being labeled by these nuts.
But, we are labeled and being afraid of them won’t make them go away, it only encourages them to be bolder and in your face even more. So in light of my comments, I say it’s time we ban the banners. Those that oppose businesses for taking moral stances, we find the businesses the crazies like, and ban those businesses. Wouldn’t that send chills down the spine of liberal businesses? They know there are far more of us than them and we could do incredible damage. I know such a thing will probably never happen, but its fun to consider such options.
What we can do in the meantime, support those businesses that are conservative and lean in the conservative direction of Christianity. I know they aren’t always walking in the way the bible prescribes, but we’ve got to start somewhere in our return to a Godly nation; so, it might as well be here.


It seems there is a manual for most everything these days. There are manuals that show you how to put things together and manuals that show you how to take things apart. Manuals are sometimes created in great detail and vibrant colors showing the smallest of differences in objects. The more the detail the better the manual and the better the manual the easier the task is at hand. Speaking of hands, there’s a manual for those as well as the whole body.
There are manuals for cars, boats, planes, toys and a myriad of other things. There are instruction manuals, service manuals and manuals on how to plant a garden. There are manuals on relationships; manuals on marriages and manuals on divorcing your spouse.
No task is too difficult if you have the right manual and any woman will tell you their husbands will after some challenging efforts in putting something together will finally succumb to manuals for instructions.
Manuals have a needed purpose in our lives; without manuals we would be lost in a maze of confusion and devices that don’t work. Manuals are so important; we keep them close in case something eventually goes wrong with the item they were designed for. When we need our manuals for repairs, we tend to believe every word they say, why would we question them anyway?
Question though, If we put so much emphasis on manuals for everyday use and we have a need for manuals in nearly every aspects of our lives. Why then, do we ignore the most important manual ever made, the Bible?
The bible has been mans manual for thousands of years and has been used in every culture, land and continent. The bible has been printed in every language known to man. The bible is embraced by the poor and rich alike; it is in almost every home in the US.
It makes you wonder why we are in the mess we are in today if there are so many bibles in the world. Could it be, we are reading the manual the wrong way or just not reading it at all? I guess if we don’t read manuals, we can’t get things to work and if things don’t work, we will live in a world of chaos, who wants that?


When God flooded this world and destroyed all the life upon it except those on the boat God commanded Noah to build. Noah and his family became the only human’s alive in a vast world; that meant all other friends, relatives and acquaintances vanished during the flood. It must had been a heart wrenching time on the boat during those days knowing they were outside perishing and Noah and his family were safe and would survive.
All they had or owned was gone; all they knew of civilization was gone. Dreams of a future for them had changed because of this catastrophic event and it was an unsure time at best. What would their world be like when the boat settled, how would they survive in an alien world by themselves?
Through this entire event one thing was constant; God hand was guiding them and keeping them safe. The knowledge that it was God that told Noah to build the boat and gather the animals, and command the doors shut said volumes about heir eventual outcome.
When the rain stopped the sun shown bright and the boat landed, the doors opened and the animals moved away from the Ark. A rainbow appeared and became a symbol from God to man. A symbol of hope and a promise that says, God wouldn’t flood the world again, everything was going to be okay.
After the rain in our lives dissipates, the flood of tears cease and the unsureness of a future no longer lingers. The skies begin to clear just enough so the sun peeks through and fills the room, look out the window and view the rainbow, God is saying once more to his people. Everything will be okay, I promise.


What are miracles? Webster’s defines a miracle as the following, (an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs). We attribute miracles to Gods intervention into our lives at times we need him the most. Some folks believe God will or has interceded in their lives and will attest to the legitimacy of miracles. Others will give credit to circumstances or even the supernatural, (not God) but other forces at work within the cosmos.
Are miracles an enigma or the hand of God at work in our lives? Prayer has been shown to work; prayer performed in hospitals show a stark difference in the recovery of patience’s in contrast to those that don’t include prayer. Prayer is often the last hope for the ones we love and we reach out to a greater power than ourselves for hope and a miracle.
The truth may be as simple as being asked to do simple things for God and in exchange he performs miraculous and wondrous things for us. These simple things may be as easy as believing there is a God, then kneeling before him and acknowledging his authority in our lives. The simple things that bring a miracle are often the hardest things for us to do because it’s not popular to be faithful to God within our nation as it once was.
But there are still miracles that happen everyday in the lives of those who believe. God’s spirit is a powerful force that created a universe; with that same spirit he can comfort a troubled soul in time of need.
Gods Holy Spirit is all encompassing and a force to be reckoned with but as subtle enough to hear the tear socked prayers for a loved one in need. Gods quiet hand rest upon the hearts of his people. God hurts when we hurt, he cries when we cry. The shortest verse in the Bible, (Jesus wept) is a testament of his love for us. The truest miracles of all are the ones that can’t be explained away but show the way to God.


What does a Boy, a country singer, and a woman who died from cancer have in common. It almost sounds like the beginning of a joke but trust me, it isn’t. The three are tied together in ways that emphasize an ever increasing and broader epidemic in our nation. In one fashion or another they display some form or type of addiction afflicting our culture.
Let’s begin with the boy; it was reported this week a 15-year-old Columbus Ohio boy was hospitalized after locking himself in his room for four straight days playing video games. He collapsed from sever dehydration and was rushed to the hospital where he was given fluids.
He will make a full recovery health wise, but the problem is deeper when one wonders how such an event could transpire. You find yourself asking the obvious; where were the parents? Why this young boy allowed unlimited access to a video game. The truth is, these types of game can have an addicting hold on folks who play them constantly, something that has to be acknowledged before even beginning to play the game.
Which brings us to our next story; it seems Randy Travis was in the news this week but not because he has a number one country hit. It seems he showed up a convenience store naked acting strange. He was later reported lying on the highway drunk and where the police ultimately arrested him. He was reported to have made threatening remarks to the police at the time of his arrest adding to his legal troubles. Alcohol can be a terrible monster capable of destroying the best in us all. It can be a hard addiction to overcome but one battle we must win in today’s society.
The final part of the trilogy is the woman who died from cancer. It begins with a political ad where an ex-steelworker blames Mitt Romney for his wife’s death. She actually died five years after the plant had closed and had her own heath insurance as well. It gets even worse than that but the point I’m making is, our culture is becoming like the addict. We aren’t recognizing we are in trouble when these types of ads are allowed to be propagated into the realm of reality. Why this type of campaign ad isn’t discredited right out of the gate is a wonder to many. But it’s only a drop in the bucket when it comes to this type of campaigning and it’s ultimately our responsibility to see though the mud slinging. 
These three put together are a billboard signaling we need a cultural timeout; we need to be searching our national soul and doing a gut-check. All of this shows a lack of God in the American life and a lack of decency, morality, and integrity. We need God now more than we ever have before, pray for our nation.


A road is a course or path meant to be traveled upon by one or groups of people. They are trails that guide you to places unknown full of mystery, ready to be discovered. Roads are a means taking you to wonderful adventure filled places or they can carry you to where your finial destination will be spent for eternity. A road is a wonderful thing; it brings commerce, food, and tourists. It brings the police when you’re in need, it can bring an army when there is war. A road brings a sense of being and belonging somewhere, it gives a community identity.
We can look at a map and follow the different roads to large and small cities with each offering a different flavor of its own. We can dream of going to far off places and roads will help fulfill those daring dreams.
Without roads we would be on our own trying to remember which directions are which. We would follow the sun by day and the moon and stars by night for guidance. We could become lost every time we left our homes and we would have to rely almost solely upon landmarks for guidance.
Roads are wonderful things; they are the lifeline of a nation. They are the pulse of a healthy society; when the traffic stops, a community, possibly a state, or even a nation dies. They are the veins of the world refreshing its life with each passing hour and day.
Roads are simple things, lines on a map going to places we’ve never heard of before and bringing new acquaintances and friends we haven’t even met. Constructing new roads gives us jobs now and in the future years to come. Without roads it would be hard to understand how to be a good Samaritan; stopping to help strangers in need beside the road. A simple road gives us the opportunity to become an example for God.  Don’t just look at the next road your on as asphalt and concrete. Look at it as an avenue to wonderful new opportunities in life and blaze a trail for the word of God.

The Quiet Questions

I have the opportunity to talk to many wonderful folks about religion and I get many differing responses and takes on God. A lot of folks just don’t want to hear what you have to say, they have their thoughts on God and they don’t need anything else. Others act like they are interested but really are secretly trying to influence you towards their beliefs or non-beliefs, whichever the case may be. Then there is always the person that has preconceived ideas about life and knows there‘s a scripture that proves his beliefs but he just doesn’t know where they can be found in the bible.
There is the traditionalist, who will never stray from the religion of their fathers, “it was good enough for them, and it’s good enough for me.” My favorite is the guy that can be found always carrying his bible around with him showing just how religious he truly is but nary a wrinkle can be found inside the covers of the book.
It makes you wonder, does God care when people have these types of attitudes? Does it concern God when he says one thing in scripture; then man gives a hundred different reasons why he shouldn’t follow Gods words? Does God wince when man says the scripture we cherish so much has no meaning for us today? What credence does man’s word have over Gods’ word and where can you justify that view, would be one question I would like to ask.
I’ve talked to many a wonderful folks about religion and I get many differing views; questions, does God have many differing responses? Does God changes at the whim of man? Or, is God the same yesterday, today and forever as scripture tells us. How does that account for mans views about God, saying he does change, he does say one thing, but it means something else.
Christ says, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Those can be found in the bible in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5, but you have to change your heart and open your minds, then open the book and read it. It takes one more thing, it takes belief in God. Maybe these should be the truths this nation should be seeking today and not the things we perceive is Okie dokie with God.