Ban The Banner’s

Greetings: Let’s ban the banners. Groups that ban Christian institutions for not complying with their way of thinking are in the forefront of news story’s everywhere these days. They target people and businesses that practice their constitutional rights as Americans who dare to speak out about despicable social issues such as abortion. Typically these Christian… Read More Ban The Banner’s


Greetings: It seems there is a manual for most everything these days. There are manuals that show you how to put things together and manuals that show you how to take things apart. Manuals are sometimes created in great detail and vibrant colors showing the smallest of differences in objects. The more the detail the… Read More Manuals


Greetings: When God flooded this world and destroyed all the life upon it except those on the boat God commanded Noah to build. Noah and his family became the only human’s alive in a vast world; that meant all other friends, relatives and acquaintances vanished during the flood. It must had been a heart wrenching… Read More Rainbows


What are miracles? Webster’s defines a miracle as the following, (an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs). We attribute miracles to Gods intervention into our lives at times we need him the most. Some folks believe God will or has interceded in their lives and will attest to the legitimacy of miracles. Others… Read More Miracles


Greetings: What does a Boy, a country singer, and a woman who died from cancer have in common. It almost sounds like the beginning of a joke but trust me, it isn’t. The three are tied together in ways that emphasize an ever increasing and broader epidemic in our nation. In one fashion or another… Read More Addictions


Greetings: A road is a course or path meant to be traveled upon by one or groups of people. They are trails that guide you to places unknown full of mystery, ready to be discovered. Roads are a means taking you to wonderful adventure filled places or they can carry you to where your finial… Read More Roads