A road is a course or path meant to be traveled upon by one or groups of people. They are trails that guide you to places unknown full of mystery, ready to be discovered. Roads are a means taking you to wonderful adventure filled places or they can carry you to where your finial destination will be spent for eternity. A road is a wonderful thing; it brings commerce, food, and tourists. It brings the police when you’re in need, it can bring an army when there is war. A road brings a sense of being and belonging somewhere, it gives a community identity.
We can look at a map and follow the different roads to large and small cities with each offering a different flavor of its own. We can dream of going to far off places and roads will help fulfill those daring dreams.
Without roads we would be on our own trying to remember which directions are which. We would follow the sun by day and the moon and stars by night for guidance. We could become lost every time we left our homes and we would have to rely almost solely upon landmarks for guidance.
Roads are wonderful things; they are the lifeline of a nation. They are the pulse of a healthy society; when the traffic stops, a community, possibly a state, or even a nation dies. They are the veins of the world refreshing its life with each passing hour and day.
Roads are simple things, lines on a map going to places we’ve never heard of before and bringing new acquaintances and friends we haven’t even met. Constructing new roads gives us jobs now and in the future years to come. Without roads it would be hard to understand how to be a good Samaritan; stopping to help strangers in need beside the road. A simple road gives us the opportunity to become an example for God.  Don’t just look at the next road your on as asphalt and concrete. Look at it as an avenue to wonderful new opportunities in life and blaze a trail for the word of God.

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