What does a Boy, a country singer, and a woman who died from cancer have in common. It almost sounds like the beginning of a joke but trust me, it isn’t. The three are tied together in ways that emphasize an ever increasing and broader epidemic in our nation. In one fashion or another they display some form or type of addiction afflicting our culture.
Let’s begin with the boy; it was reported this week a 15-year-old Columbus Ohio boy was hospitalized after locking himself in his room for four straight days playing video games. He collapsed from sever dehydration and was rushed to the hospital where he was given fluids.
He will make a full recovery health wise, but the problem is deeper when one wonders how such an event could transpire. You find yourself asking the obvious; where were the parents? Why this young boy allowed unlimited access to a video game. The truth is, these types of game can have an addicting hold on folks who play them constantly, something that has to be acknowledged before even beginning to play the game.
Which brings us to our next story; it seems Randy Travis was in the news this week but not because he has a number one country hit. It seems he showed up a convenience store naked acting strange. He was later reported lying on the highway drunk and where the police ultimately arrested him. He was reported to have made threatening remarks to the police at the time of his arrest adding to his legal troubles. Alcohol can be a terrible monster capable of destroying the best in us all. It can be a hard addiction to overcome but one battle we must win in today’s society.
The final part of the trilogy is the woman who died from cancer. It begins with a political ad where an ex-steelworker blames Mitt Romney for his wife’s death. She actually died five years after the plant had closed and had her own heath insurance as well. It gets even worse than that but the point I’m making is, our culture is becoming like the addict. We aren’t recognizing we are in trouble when these types of ads are allowed to be propagated into the realm of reality. Why this type of campaign ad isn’t discredited right out of the gate is a wonder to many. But it’s only a drop in the bucket when it comes to this type of campaigning and it’s ultimately our responsibility to see though the mud slinging. 
These three put together are a billboard signaling we need a cultural timeout; we need to be searching our national soul and doing a gut-check. All of this shows a lack of God in the American life and a lack of decency, morality, and integrity. We need God now more than we ever have before, pray for our nation.

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