What are miracles? Webster’s defines a miracle as the following, (an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs). We attribute miracles to Gods intervention into our lives at times we need him the most. Some folks believe God will or has interceded in their lives and will attest to the legitimacy of miracles. Others will give credit to circumstances or even the supernatural, (not God) but other forces at work within the cosmos.
Are miracles an enigma or the hand of God at work in our lives? Prayer has been shown to work; prayer performed in hospitals show a stark difference in the recovery of patience’s in contrast to those that don’t include prayer. Prayer is often the last hope for the ones we love and we reach out to a greater power than ourselves for hope and a miracle.
The truth may be as simple as being asked to do simple things for God and in exchange he performs miraculous and wondrous things for us. These simple things may be as easy as believing there is a God, then kneeling before him and acknowledging his authority in our lives. The simple things that bring a miracle are often the hardest things for us to do because it’s not popular to be faithful to God within our nation as it once was.
But there are still miracles that happen everyday in the lives of those who believe. God’s spirit is a powerful force that created a universe; with that same spirit he can comfort a troubled soul in time of need.
Gods Holy Spirit is all encompassing and a force to be reckoned with but as subtle enough to hear the tear socked prayers for a loved one in need. Gods quiet hand rest upon the hearts of his people. God hurts when we hurt, he cries when we cry. The shortest verse in the Bible, (Jesus wept) is a testament of his love for us. The truest miracles of all are the ones that can’t be explained away but show the way to God.

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