When God flooded this world and destroyed all the life upon it except those on the boat God commanded Noah to build. Noah and his family became the only human’s alive in a vast world; that meant all other friends, relatives and acquaintances vanished during the flood. It must had been a heart wrenching time on the boat during those days knowing they were outside perishing and Noah and his family were safe and would survive.
All they had or owned was gone; all they knew of civilization was gone. Dreams of a future for them had changed because of this catastrophic event and it was an unsure time at best. What would their world be like when the boat settled, how would they survive in an alien world by themselves?
Through this entire event one thing was constant; God hand was guiding them and keeping them safe. The knowledge that it was God that told Noah to build the boat and gather the animals, and command the doors shut said volumes about heir eventual outcome.
When the rain stopped the sun shown bright and the boat landed, the doors opened and the animals moved away from the Ark. A rainbow appeared and became a symbol from God to man. A symbol of hope and a promise that says, God wouldn’t flood the world again, everything was going to be okay.
After the rain in our lives dissipates, the flood of tears cease and the unsureness of a future no longer lingers. The skies begin to clear just enough so the sun peeks through and fills the room, look out the window and view the rainbow, God is saying once more to his people. Everything will be okay, I promise.

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