It seems there is a manual for most everything these days. There are manuals that show you how to put things together and manuals that show you how to take things apart. Manuals are sometimes created in great detail and vibrant colors showing the smallest of differences in objects. The more the detail the better the manual and the better the manual the easier the task is at hand. Speaking of hands, there’s a manual for those as well as the whole body.
There are manuals for cars, boats, planes, toys and a myriad of other things. There are instruction manuals, service manuals and manuals on how to plant a garden. There are manuals on relationships; manuals on marriages and manuals on divorcing your spouse.
No task is too difficult if you have the right manual and any woman will tell you their husbands will after some challenging efforts in putting something together will finally succumb to manuals for instructions.
Manuals have a needed purpose in our lives; without manuals we would be lost in a maze of confusion and devices that don’t work. Manuals are so important; we keep them close in case something eventually goes wrong with the item they were designed for. When we need our manuals for repairs, we tend to believe every word they say, why would we question them anyway?
Question though, If we put so much emphasis on manuals for everyday use and we have a need for manuals in nearly every aspects of our lives. Why then, do we ignore the most important manual ever made, the Bible?
The bible has been mans manual for thousands of years and has been used in every culture, land and continent. The bible has been printed in every language known to man. The bible is embraced by the poor and rich alike; it is in almost every home in the US.
It makes you wonder why we are in the mess we are in today if there are so many bibles in the world. Could it be, we are reading the manual the wrong way or just not reading it at all? I guess if we don’t read manuals, we can’t get things to work and if things don’t work, we will live in a world of chaos, who wants that?

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