Ban The Banner’s

Let’s ban the banners. Groups that ban Christian institutions for not complying with their way of thinking are in the forefront of news story’s everywhere these days. They target people and businesses that practice their constitutional rights as Americans who dare to speak out about despicable social issues such as abortion. Typically these Christian folks have practices that identify them as Christian believers and will support candidates that are like-minded. In the case of Chic-fil-a, they close on Sundays’ and other businesses have similar policies as well that make them identifiable.
It’s never good enough for the crazies to just be opposed to Christian values and make their statement; no one begrudges them their right to free speech. Honest, hard working, decent folks must change their beliefs and practices to suite the lazy, ignorant, and intolerant crazies. I call them lazy because they seem to have all the time in the world to push their agendas and no viable source of income. I call them ignorant because they don’t care to learn anything else but are satisfied in creating chaos. And I call the crazies because they simply are! If most folks that are good and decent don’t agree with someone’s polices or comments or even who they donate campaign monies to, they simply don’t go back and do business there. Why is the good way of life evil and the bad way the better way? Its not, and the world knows it but they won’t say anything in fear of being labeled by these nuts.
But, we are labeled and being afraid of them won’t make them go away, it only encourages them to be bolder and in your face even more. So in light of my comments, I say it’s time we ban the banners. Those that oppose businesses for taking moral stances, we find the businesses the crazies like, and ban those businesses. Wouldn’t that send chills down the spine of liberal businesses? They know there are far more of us than them and we could do incredible damage. I know such a thing will probably never happen, but its fun to consider such options.
What we can do in the meantime, support those businesses that are conservative and lean in the conservative direction of Christianity. I know they aren’t always walking in the way the bible prescribes, but we’ve got to start somewhere in our return to a Godly nation; so, it might as well be here.

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