Anti this, anti that, why is everything anti in our culture today. If your against something, your anti (fill in the blank), its as if everyone is carrying a grudge according to the news media. It makes you wonder if common folks can have an opinion about anything and not be labeled anti, bigot, or a host of other derogatory names. Anti is commonly used when someone is opposed to something or it can mean in place of something or someone.
If I was truly opposed to something being anti wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, because I am anti-abortion, anti-homosexual, anti-big government, anti-smothering regulations and anti-deficits, just to name a few. But the way in which conservatives are portrayed because of certain values engrained within our mental and physical makeup makes us look like we’re part of Polpot’s Cambodian regime in the 1970’s ready to shoot anyone with differing opinions.
You can have your beliefs, just let me have mine, and believe me when I say conservatives are no threat to your beliefs. We are anti certain things we care about, but we are also anti-against taking away our rights. Conservatives and liberals alike have rights to free speech, the right to assemble, the right to free commerce, freedom of religion and to bare arms. We conservatives are inclusive in our anti-isms not exclusive like some of our friends on the left would be in these matters.
The anti-everything crowd seems to be setting us all up for something because we use anti way too much in our descriptions these days. Is anti the buzzword for evil; are we being anti-marked, is our lives about to change. Satan is referred to as the anti-Christ, the anti-savior, is he coming in place of the real Christ? Has the demonic world begun its preparations for a day in the near future when anti will seem like a heavenly blessing? How will you know if it happens this way, how will you be able to tell the difference between the anti and the real? Well if your anti-reading the bible, and anti-believing scripture; then, you probably won’t be able to recognize the real Jesus Christ when he comes. On the other hand, if you read the bible daily, it will probably make you a little anti-evil as well, and that would be a good thing.


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