What is entropy, the definition according to Websters is as follows: (1. measure of disorder: a measure of the disorder that exists in a system). When I think about the nation’s pulse, I think entropy. Has order gone up or down, has disorder taken a more center stage within peoples lives? The Republican party is asking the question, “are you better off than you were four years ago”, and the answer from so many folks is, NO! Entropy is hard at work in our society and is proving there is increasing disorder in governmental functions.
The second definition given is: (2. physics, measure of unavailable energy: a measure of the energy in a system or process that is unavailable to do work. In a reversible thermodynamic process, entropy is expressed as the heat absorbed or emitted divided by the absolute temperature.) We have a large amount of disorder and an ever increasing amount of energy unavailable to work within our society. It sounds like the perfect word to describe the condition of our society and culture. With less and less folks on the employment rolls and more and more on government subsistence, we are in a state of entropy.
There is a great amount of enthusiasm lost towards our Politicians these days, and there is little energy in being applied towards trust or hope that things can get any better.  There is no great fire from the total masses to drag our nation back to a moral center. There is a segment that cry out but divided by the absolute population within our borders, one must concede entropy is dragging us down to a point of no return.
Entropy has found a home in religion, we find more and more disorder in the nations churches. Pastors conceding their social responsibilities to the government and giving in to degenerate ideas such as, same sex marriage.
Our only hope is God will interject moral energy back into the land and create a new balance where the good out-weighs the bad once more. Pray for the good of our land, and the soul of our nation.

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