Political Heat

The first cold front is moving through here in Texas and we are feeling relief from one-hundred plus thermometers. Heat in Texas is as natural as mom’s apple pie to most Texans who have been here for a few years. Truthfully, you never, ever, get to where you enjoy the searing heat, but you get to a point where you expect it.
Heat is a relative term, as I just mentioned, like the heat in Texas, there is also heat of a different source occurring. Heat from politics is brewing stronger than ever before and the forecast is for fifty-plus more days of blistering rhetoric. We just saw two weeks of meltdown after meltdown with bloviating bags of hot air expelling promises of cooler days ahead. The heat from these dusty storms of party pledges is causing a drought of plentiful enthusiasm and a lack national awareness.
The political front is hard to pin down it seems to be popping up in unexpected places causing damages in folk’s natural way of thinking. Sensible folks tend to lose their moral direction when these storms occur in their vicinity; I think for most, it’s because they are trying to hold onto anything they can. The overwhelming force of these political disasters, depending on their direction can strip away any sense of hope.
There is relief on the way for those suffering from the damaging effects of heat, and it’s one many choose to ignore. Until we put God back into our lives and country we will suffer these interminable droughts, heat, and storms. Until Christ becomes our shade in times of trouble we will endure storms of immorality. The truth about climate change is us changing who we are and what kind of land we want to live in. Oh, did I mention there is a front moving through and it really feels good.

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